A.T.E.N.C.I.O.N FAMILIAR. Office of support to the families

It is a comprehensive training and learning program, aimed at the family, which seeks to optimize cognitive, neurofunctional and emotional skills in children and adolescents with learning difficulties and low school performance, intervening from the nutritional, neuropsychofunctional and coaching areas, both In the individual as in all areas related to him (family, school and society). Carried out by A.T.E.N.C.I.O.N. Familiar, an interdisciplinary team of professionals who collaborate in this project from IRYDE, is developed through an analysis, assessment and intervention in all the areas involved, paying special attention to the three essential areas:

Child + Family + School

Training and information are developed both individually and in groups.

This multidisciplinary training program maximizes the development of cognitive, neurofunctional and emotional skills in children and adolescents, through a global and integrative vision. For our team, it is vitally important that the program includes, in addition to support and reinforcement for children with difficulties, the simultaneous accompaniment of parents and family members who live with them in their relational system and daily environment. These people are also vulnerable and need to know HOW to respond so that their help is effective and does not add further wear and tear.

Our objective is to inform, train, accompany and facilitate the learning, monitoring and complete development of the family unit, intervening in each of the parts individually, reinforcing those areas necessary for the optimal development and adaptation of the disorder in the implications of the day to day. Day:

Family + School + Society

Neurofunctional Psychopedagogy Area

Addresses the primary causes of neurofunctional organization related to learning:

  • Optimize motor neurofunctionality and the perception, integration and relationship systems necessary for reading, writing, understanding and reasoning
  • Establish the learning strategies necessary to overcome the school year by promoting responsibility and autonomy in daily tasks
  • Neurofunctional organization minimizes arousal levels and the need for shock, improving self-esteem and performance

Coaching Area

Key for an ADHD child / adolescent to evolve; Stability, support and trust from your family environment.

Child / Adolescent:

  • # Establish achievement-oriented motivation
  • # Improve self-esteem and self-confidence
  • # Maintain focus on the goal by enhancing personal resources
  • # Improve time management, organization and strategies that help performance


  • # Maximize ways of understanding and build a family environment of greater harmony and peace
  • # Manage conflicts with another look: home and school
  • # Optimize routines / logistics management
  • # Train patience, assertiveness, and effective communication
  • # Generate independence / autonomy from your father / mother role

Psychology area

Sometimes family relationships are deteriorated, so the psychological intervention will focus support on:

  • Educational styles
  • Management of rewards and punishments
  • Implantation of limits and norms

Other areas

When approaching the problem in a comprehensive way, it is necessary to assess other areas in which there are associated professionals. These areas are:

  • Nutrition
  • Optometry
  • Neuro-auditory stimulation
  • Neurofeedback y Biofeedback