Intervention in families

If the work environment worries us and teamwork and happiness in the company seem important, what will not be in the good of all to care for the family so that it develops in harmony?

Learning to know each other, to speak, to face adversity together, are challenges for each and every one of its members.

To facilitate this work we have developed practical trainings for today’s family such as:

  • I+D+i (Investigación, Desarrollo e Innovación) para la familia
  • Educar hijos felices
  • Los Secretos del Cerebro Adolescente
  • El Cerebro Adicto
  • Comunicación Positiva

We participate in the Educational Enrichment Project of the Community of Madrid in workshops for the parents of gifted children, on Creativity, Emotional Development and Resilience.

To make the journey easier for families with children with learning difficulties, we have created  A.T.E.N.C.I.O.N