Young people and teenagers

Collaboration with other institutions in volunteer projects with the Junior Achievement Foundation “Learning to undertake, Skills for Success”.

In collaboration with the Foundation Phase and under the direction of Natalia López Moratalla is open a research and outreach Teen Brain

Training with 535 teenagers about:

  •      Resilience and Self-Esteem
  •      Nonviolent Communication
  •      Positive Emotional Development
  •      Mission, Vision and Motivation in your life


Development tools for young Spaniards in the UK, France and Germany.

We want to bring our experience also to those who are away. Thinking about the young Spaniards who move to other European countries, we offer free online all necessary steps to increase human potential and emotional health tools . We want them to come out stronger from the difficult circumstances and to share their good experiences. The illusion Campus project is an initiative of IRYDE, subsidized by the Spanish Ministry of Employment and Social Security. The project seeks to measure the social and professional integration of young Spanish residents in three European countries: Germany, UK and France. It offers the training of young people through activities online. Besides content to learn, laugh, relax, share, download , etc.

Program “I return.” In collaboration with ADESEMA, Madrid

In collaboration with ADESEMA, Association of Services of Companies and Diverse Activities of Madrid.

The objective is, on the one hand, facilitate social and professional integration of young people through language courses and programs of foreign language learning. And on the other hand, encourage the return of these through online entrepreneurship courses. A project promoted by the Youth Programme of the Directorate General of Immigration.