IRYDE was born in response to a need as concrete as it is pressing: to develop and promote studies in neuroscience that would allow us to apply in practice the benefits of knowing the secrets of our brain, both in the neediest people and groups, with greater psychosocial exposure, as in the whole of society and its actors. We do it based on developing Resilience through the practice of Cognitive, Emotional and Executive controls of the brain, from positive Emotional Management and with the perspectives of those disciplines that promote well-being and harmony in the person, such as Medicine, Positive Psychology, Coaching, Neurolinguistic Programming and other areas of knowledge.

  • Promote the well-being of people and provide resources to face adversity, leaving stronger.
  • Increase human talent through the development of a full, ecological and integrated life.
  • Achieve a healthy life in each of its stages: childhood, adolescence, youth, maturity and old age.
  • Achieve total fulfillment in different environments: family, work, social, etc.

We have a team of professionals of international stature in different key fields, from psychology to biology through communication and teaching, who combine efforts and work to share without discrimination the resources and tools that serve to increase emotional health and health. human potential. Being a non-profit association allows us to act where it is most necessary and at crucial moments, contributing in solidarity in developing countries and in those in which emergencies of any kind occur. We know that circumstances are always changing, that our environment is often uncertain and complex, that is why it is our vocation to assist institutions, associations and individuals who may need help to overcome adversity and lack the financial resources to train and achieve it.