Institute for Resilience and Emotional Development

The International Institute for Resilience and Emotional Development (IRYDE) is a non-profit organization that was born with the desire to put itself at the service of people and organizations that go through situations of adversity. IRYDE develops and facilitates the necessary tools to prevent risks in emotional health, enhance talent and provide meaning and value to society.

IRYDE, whose team includes prestigious neurologists, biologists, psychologists, psychiatrists, educators, etc., promotes and conducts scientific studies that advance knowledge of the brain and its behavior. So all of our interventions, both those that we undertake directly and those that we do through the Integrando Excelencia consultancy, are supported by the latest advances in neuroscience.


We see our own behavior and that of others, but we do not see what is behind that behavior. When conflicts arise or circumstances simply change and the usual behaviors do not make us progress, we face a problem that is difficult to solve. And we suffer. This reality was what led us to establish brain studies as the mainstay of our activity. If we can know how our mind works, we will know how to make it work for us. And we know more and more. Today, thanks to the IRYDE team of researchers headed by biologist Natalia López Moratalla, and thanks of course to scientists from around the world, we know the secrets of our brain much better. How we think, how we feel and how we behave is no longer a mystery. This allows us to develop effective programs to take control of ourselves. Knowing how the neural connections that make us feel the emotions we feel are produced and why we respond in a certain way to the same stimulus is what allows us to discover how we can remake them by rewriting our emotional memory. It’s called neural plasticity – our brain never stops forming, and we can decide how we want it to do so.


Every person is valuable for himself and has the ability to generate value for others. Everyone has the resources to make a positive change. Everyone has the power to overcome adversity. And society needs everyone. Our vision is to provide the tools for this change to become effective, regardless of race, culture, sex or lack of financial resources.


Inspire others and accompany them in achieving a better life, providing the necessary knowledge to prevent risks and strengthen people’s emotional health. Encourage the development of talent in adversity and in life’s challenges. Contribute to the happiness of people and organizations. Build a healthy, hopeful and meaningful society.


We believe in you and in the full meaning of ‘humanity’. We know that through applied neuroscience we can help each and everyone make a difference. We work non-profit, respecting the dignity of all people, without understanding gender, religion, country, culture or beliefs. We rely on the Win-Win philosophy because we know human potential and its capacity for solidarity and contribution.