Lines of intervention

We want to reach everyone, because the development of Resilience and Emotional Management is a benefit available to everyone. To achieve a healthier, balanced, integrated and ecological society, it is necessary that change begins with the people who compose it. Thus, we place special emphasis on key sectors, such as education; In those with the greatest psychosocial exposure, such as health personnel and social services; In economic engines, such as companies and entrepreneurs; And in the family, the nucleus and base of human development.

Through face-to-face, effective and practical programs, experienced in person by the participants, we provide the necessary tools so that each one can work on their well-being independently and freely. We do it through direct actions of IRYDE, through the Integrando Excelencia consulting programs, in collaboration with official institutions and organizations and in coordination with other foundations.

Next comes the part that I have yet to figure out. The idea is to put four modules: Institutions and Organizations, Open Interventions, Family and Collaborative Interventions. But some of these sections have their own subsections. How do you think we could do it? In the original page it is solved with a sidebar with the menu of the four sections, it is not bad, but surely you can think of a better resource.