Benefits of Resilience

The tendency to value the ROI (return on investment) as highest valid indicator, can be a serious mistake, when we are assessing the emotional health of people. This indicator is unable to collect the complexity of the state of people. To see this more clearly we can compare it with the measurement of the acceptance of the use of social media, which is not easy to see a clear return on investment. How to calculate whether the investment strategy for Social Media has a positive return for the brand? The answer to this question lies in the development of the methodology OIR -Impact of Relationship- which aims to show the value of our presence based on variables of Authority, Influence, Participation and Traffic.

Emotional development investment mainly serves to restore confidence to the people, returning to feel like an important part of the work performed. And thus it improves its performance and ability to work, and therefore corporate profits.

There is no time to waste. Life goes too fast and wasted time are not recoverable. We are wanting to live the best we have and building upon our capabilities to seek change and create social value.

Resilience is a generator of wealth.

Speaking of ROI (Return of Investment) is natural in the Company, will be naturally also discuss the IOR -Impact of Relationship- How to measure the intangible human capital?

Investment in emotional development can be used, creating in the company and among employees an engine called Hope and at the present time of crisis has been forgotten. It will look to the future with better eyes and that influences the working environment, as the currents of everyday actions fall within a positive framework. Things are good for something, are good, although in the short term would have lost consciousness. We must regain hope.

The emotional capital goes beyond figures from outright sales because it includes important intangibles such as reputation, customer retention, new and better channels of communication. Aspects which are essential for success in the medium and long term of any business all.

EMOTIONAL ROI is the return on investment in emotional capital in the company. Emotional ROI analysis in business productivity is the focus of interventions on emotional intelligence in the organization..

If the emotional ROI is positive results in excellent and competent professional work, on the contrary, the emotional ROI is negative, the professional organization separates, loses motivation (not achieved excellent works) and relates less (lost synergies with colleagues).

Entrepreneurs and managers are the key exponents to generate the emotional ROI. Low levels of ROI generated unsuitable climates, low productivity, loss of commitment, low loss of business innovation and competitiveness.

One need only look at the competence to realize that good advertising campaigns are not the best selling product are selling feelings. Those who touch a chord, which are directed to human potential, those that make the everyday actions of every day in almost heroics with tangible results in society. A clear example of Mother Teresa of Calcutta, to cite one of the most important and universal characters of our recent history, seemingly none of the attributes we have as top rated: beauty, power, money, fame, has returned hope to thousands of individuals and has made many others, volunteers found a reason in your life. It has managed to make a revolution. What will happen to our society if we all work with the confidence that if a person has been able to promote significant changes as well, and so can we get them?

IRYDE has launched the CAMPUS OF ILLUSION the first social network of positive emotional management, where they train and are also content that help keep the fighting spirit and the resilient mindset. In addition, this network, which is already underway, is for each dump their experiences and positive results, explaining how he did it, so that these strategies can inspire others to overcome difficult situations. The campus is an affordable medium that brings together thousands of people to each other and provides an opportunity for individuals and contribution to society.