What caracterizes us

The belief that when something goes wrong is not always necessary to remove it.

The belief that people have the ability to find solutions to problems.

The belief that everyone, if we want, we have the ability to change and be innovative in life and in our workplace.

We see in every person the great potential hidden sometimes, their ability to respond, to generate profit and to contribute positively to social change within the company. All are capable of generating change and have the ability to sacrifice enough to seek change.

We are confident that all people can be resilient, at any stage of our life and in any field, though not always make it. Forés the Anna explains: “We are all capable of swimming but not all swimming. It is a skill that has to go training and working “.

When something goes wrong is not always necessary to remove it

We work activating specific protective work strategies to dampen and overcome misfortune. Knowing laugh is one of the most effective strategies. In the crisis, the sense of humors very serious. Rojas Marcos believes that we should include a sense of humor in all kits. Its main function is to help emotionally distance ourselves from the situation that we perceive the comic stresses in ourselves and in the circumstances that beset us, but without interfering with our ability to assess hazards, protect and to overcome them.

It is essential to verbalize suffering. To put words to the fears that beset us reduce its emotional intensity, which helps clarify experiences, to put them in perspective and incorporate them into our autobiography as a painful passage but, after all, a part of our lives.

We perform high-impact workouts. We provide training that teach people to get better, exercise your mind to get better, to be resilient. Coach’s mission is to motivate, push, direct, instruct, support and redirect the person or group of them, with the aim of achieving concrete results and develop skills, after careful choice of method, the application and the type of election coaching appropriate to each case. Train prompting people in organizations exploiting the potential of each and every one of the members, focusing on the development of self-motivation The change of mentality will be preceded by a change of questions.

Before the adversity we substitute, why to me? for, why to me?