Law degree from the UCM Diploma of Advanced Studies at the UCM Executive MBA-ICADE Certified Consultant Success Insight Assessment for Integrating Human Resource Excellence Google Adwords Consultant certificate (GAE) per Iconversity


Angel has extensive experience in the field of marketing. He has worked as Head of Marketing and Sales at various schools and universities as Aranjuez Campus of the Complutense University of Madrid, School of Technology ICC or the Graduate Institute of the Center for New Professions Spanish. Also, he has extensive knowledge of the technology industry, having worked as Sales Manager in the Company Leader Mobile applications Berggi-Inc. He is part of Avanzit group.

Guerrilla Marketing expert.

Angel Moreno is Managing Partner of BDC Spain, the Company’s Marketing and Education for the Twenty Club President Matriculadores century platform No.1 online training in guerrilla marketing applied to education.

He is also Director and Speaker of the Master On-line “Catch Students like a magnet” and Head of the Guerrilla Marketing Master “EmprendeHoy” the first Master of Social Entrepreneurship in Spain. Monthly organizes specific training activities on the internet (webinars and Formative pills) which are followed by thousands of professionals worldwide

Various performances channeled through consulting and mentoring process with entrepreneurs and businessmen for the purpose of promoting them on the internet and multiply results through innovative guerrilla marketing systems.


CENP-UNED professor over 7 years, author of several studies and publications of university research and love of coaching and personal development.