natalia vereaShe has conducted training ‘Teaching for Understanding’, certified by Harvard Graduate School of Education, Approach to Basic Skills through Multiple Intelligences provided by the New Keys Educational Foundation, to develop skills in XXI Century through Thinking- based Learning (National Center for Thinking Teaching) given by Robert Swuart at the University of Deusto, Program Leader for the Study of High Performance given by Joseba Rodriguez (now extended to European schools and Middle East), memory techniques ‘intelligo 3’ given by Advanced Learning systems, Techniques Applied Creativity: Six Thinking Hats (Edward de Bono) certified by Attitude Creative TM, Programs Learning to Learn and Learning to Think certified CRFPTIC, Creation of teaching sequences with Digital Object Reutiliizables certified CRFPTIC.

She is certified by AZ Consulting to teach Reading Comprehension Program “Comprentics” through the Digital Teaching Platform.

Professional development

She currently works as a teacher of Secondary Education class teaching Language Arts High School students. She coordinates in the center the Plan for the Promotion of Reading and Writing, the Excellence Literary Project directed by writer Miguel Aranguren, the Innovation Project: Design of creative spaces to learn from Multiple Intelligences, the Project ‘Poetízate! ‘ that integrates the teaching of literature with other arts such as music, painting, dance, cinema and theater. NLP implements strategies for teaching spelling, use the Framework Teaching for Understanding and strategies based on theories about Brain Dominance Channels Learning and Multiple Intelligences as tools for learning in the classroom.

In the field of volunteering has experience in developing comprehensive education programs in collaboration with the University of A Coruña: School Support for Roma children, with the NGO International Cooperation: School support to children with SEN in the Orphanage The Oblates, with the Association Allende Mundi: Support to Immigrant Children School, with ‘Terral Foundation’: ‘Casal de Estiu’ for Immigrant Children (method 1@ ).

Professionally she has experience as a teacher in Programs techniques taught by the Department of Philosophy and Research Methods Faculty of Education Sciences of the University of A Coruña and aimed at students of colleges FAPA Coruna Study and as Programs advises University Orientation.

She currently volunteers of the Kumen Foundation (oriented human development: social, cultural and educational), based in Valladolid and the NGO Seed for Change based in Benares-India providing collaboration as Advisory Program Values ​​Education taught in Montesori (Sigra) and Learning Point (Varanasi) schools. In collaboration with Andean Community Learning Educators dedicated to improving education, seeks to develop new and dynamic learning for schools and societies.