Development tools for young Spaniards in the UK, France and Germany

We want to bring our experience also to those who are away. Thinking about young Spaniard who move to other countries in Europe, we offer free and on line all necessary steps to increase human potential and emotional health tools. We want to come out stronger from the difficult circumstances and to share their good experiences; that they are not aline when undertaking. The illusion Campus project is an initiative of -35 IRYDE, subsidezed by the Ministry of Employment and Social Security.  

Recipients: Spaniards under 35 who are in the UK, France and Germany.

For more information and registration, visit the project website -35. Do you know people in the UK, Germany and France? Tell also through Facebook.

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Publicado por Reyes Rite, Presidenta de Iryde (jun 6, 2014)

Thinking about the present circumstances, in the constant state of stress we live, facing every day difficult situations and sometimes permanent in long periods of time, we will think about the benefits of having us in mind is the opportunity to develop resilience; An achievement in our life!

Resilience is the capacity of human beings to face an adverse situation and emerge stronger. It is a mental immune system. Prevents threatening situations deteriorate our biopsychosocial operation. Besides the strategies we use to overcome a difficulty become acquired resources to tackle other major challenges and develops intervening in the capabilities and strengths of the individual.

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Clausura y entrega de premios del Programa Campus de la llusión -35

I Congreso Europeo de EFQM, Resiliencia y Coaching. Madrid - Octubre 2014.

The Campus of illusion

It is the first social network related with possitive emocional managment, where there are training and are also content that help keep the fighting spirit and the resilient mindset. In addition, this network, which is already underway, is for each dump their experiences and positive results, explaining how he did it, so that these strategies can inspire others to overcome difficult situations.
The Campus is an affordable medium that brings together thousands of people together. This campus provides an opportunity for contribution for individuals and for society

Main goals

We created this platform for sharing positive experiences that help the emotional development of all. Now is your chance to tell fascinating stories of your own life and encourage other people that, like you, will publishe them in the Campus. Your personal story is much more important than you think for others.

We invite you to join this space of co-creation that we do it all, and whose access committed to accepting Iryde purposes mentioned above. Registration on this Campus is coupled with a commitment to active participation in it .This philosophy we call " win- win" is the essence of this platform where all participants give and receive equally.

We will treat topics and participants with positive sense, respect, and admiration, these attitudes provide a suitable environment for experiential and accelerated learning.

The Campus of illusion